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Am I Going to Be OK? Thumbnail

Am I Going to Be OK?

Am I going to be OK?

Is that the number one question on your mind? 

With every update about COVID-19 that flashes across our news feed, it is hard to not get a little bit panicked. None of us are immune to it. If we aren’t careful our thoughts will quickly run away from us. 

Here are three questions we thought might be on your mind:

1. Am I going to be ok health-wise?

Our health and vanquishing the COVID-19 pandemic is predicated on individual and collective cooperation in following the best practices that science recommends. Statistics matter of course, and they seem to indicate that the virus is serious for the elderly and immune system compromised. At the end of the day, it is also sensible and apparent that self-isolating, combined with the intrinsic benefits of thoughtful and responsible help of the vulnerable, will lead us to ‘be ok’.

2. Is the economy going to be ok? 

As has often been said, we are in uncharted waters. Demand is peaking just as our ability to supply is shrinking due to self-isolation requirements to flatten the curve of this virus. This is occurring at the same time, or closely enough, right across the globe. Our leaders need our support and prayers for wisdom and patience, given this formidable task. May their work lead us to ‘be ok’.

3. Will my personal finances be ok? 

Are you getting current and regular communications as we navigate this volatility that keep you up to speed and following your Financial Plan? Are the answers you’re getting helpful? Comforting? Instructive? Communication, especially now, is key. Having an advisor to help you, stick with you and even sometimes stop you from doing something you shouldn’t do, is invaluable. Having this competent and trustworthy person at the helm overseeing your well-built Financial Plan will lead you to ‘be ok’. 

But let’s face it, everything is not ok right now! 

A good deal of wealth has been bruised or damaged. How has this affected you? 

  • Have you had the chance to discuss the probability of success in still reaching ALL of your goals with your advisor?
  • Have you even ever been asked about your goals?
  • Do you have a comprehensive Financial Plan?

Not only are Financial Plans helpful in you successfully achieving your goals, but during times like these they will show you how likely it remains that you will ‘be ok’. They will keep you on track, especially in times like these and they continue to guide you to make better decisions for your future. 

The best time to have had one was yesterday. The next best time is right now. So start yours today!