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A Financial Plan: Where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Thumbnail

A Financial Plan: Where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

It’s interesting to observe how many people THINK they have a Financial Plan already.  I say THINK, because it’s my experience that many of us have fallen into a perception that because we own varying degrees of:



-banking and borrowing

-tax preparation

-legal work

collected randomly, that we must then have a Financial Plan. Except, that’s not a plan. That is just a collection of commodities. Generally, those things can be gotten anywhere, from anyone licensed to administer them. And a lot of us collect a lot of them in our lifetimes.

But a Financial Plan, a genuine, personal document that seeks to understand you, what’s important about your money and what you want to accomplish with your life and resources:  that’s different. And every adult needs a Financial Plan, no matter how much money you have (or don’t) and how old you are.

We start ours out with a simple question: What’s Important about Money to You?

The answers are amazing. They form the ‘fuel’ that propels individuals and families to work with us in formulating an organic, dynamic path forward that helps them accomplish goals and milestones that are important to them. And, there is NOTHING commoditized about your own Plan. Nothing. It’s so personal, so hand-crafted, so reflective of you and your dreams and intentions, there can be no other.

Then, all those commodities we talked about earlier can be pointed in a direction where they fly in formation, underneath your Plan, supporting it. Enabling the success of the milestones and goals in your Plan. Purposed in and because of, your Plan.

So what’s the risk of getting a Plan? I don’t know of any.

Most people want to achieve the goals they set for themselves in life. And the Plans we create even have no up-front fee. Studies indicate that investors who have a Financial Plan, a map to reach their goals (and not JUST financial goals) are instantly ahead of most others who don’t take the time to plan. Success doesn’t happen by accident but by taking time to actually develop and follow well thought out plans to achieve that success. You have a better chance of living a good life when a detailed Financial Plan guides you.

Peter Fraser, CIM CFP

Certified Financial Planner