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Happy New Year Thumbnail

Happy New Year

Ever wondered why we wish people Happy New Year?  My 4 year old granddaughter recently heard this expression leaving her ballet class and it sounded like something she hadn’t heard before ( usually a reason to repeat something!)  so she started wishing everyone a ‘Happy New Year’. 

 The New Year in most people’s minds signifies well, the start of something NEW that you either hadn’t tackled last year, another chance or a new start. Perhaps set some real goals that will get you excited when it is -30C outside and need a little boost or motivation.  Following through with our goals is probably the harder part.  Setting them is usually FUN! 

So, Happy New Year, can mean anything you want it to be for you😊

As I get a little older and hopefully wiser (!) I find I don’t bite off as much in a year as I used to, or know what the next 6 months is going bring!  Bite size pieces for me, goals for the day.  Having smaller victories can bring a lot of joy rather than waiting for the BFHG (big, fat, hairy goal) to be accomplished.

Whatever your goals, dreams or hopes are this 2019, I wish you all the very best in accomplishing them. Let us know if we can help make any of your goals become a reality.

Heather Fraser

Executive Assistant