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The Big Mac turns 50! Thumbnail

The Big Mac turns 50!

So we threw a Party.

Last Thursday, the planets aligned and the staff and their spouses and kids (and kid’s kids) just happened to be able to get together for a never-before summer family lunch. And who needs an excuse really, to enjoy the ubiquitous fast food treat from the Golden Arches?

We had 13 people (and a baby due in February 2019!) in for lunch, ranging in age from 2 weeks to 59 years. I watched a 4 year old tackle her first Big Mac, migrating from the Kids Meal McNuggets that the 2 year olds are still enjoying. That was a milestone for her and boy, kids still LOVE McHappy Meals; right from birth it seems.

I watched two moms of 6 kids, all under 4 (5 girls and one boy) perfect the renowned ‘millennial multi-tasking’ of eating, nursing, diaper-changing, advice-sharing and keeping an eye on their flocks. And they seem to sway whenever they stand and chat!

I watched two millennial dads chase, eat with, run around, play with and LOVE their tribes. More kids than the kids, they were!

I watched the expectant mom absorb her future life, right before her eyes. Learning more from watching than talking!

I was amazed again that 11 people could eat so well for $92.34! That’s the magic of MacDonalds still, isn’t it?

We coloured, we ran, we played tag, we mini putted (by hand!), we ate (some of us quickly, some not so much), we answered the phones (!), we ate chocolates from the visitor’s bowl, we had piggy back rides and we had a lot of fun!

It was kind of a downer when nap time came and us elders had to head to our offices to sleep….er, no that’s not right. The kids went to rest and we: well we savoured the memories, thanked God for His goodness and a good lunch with the folks we love.

Thank you Wade, Jackie, Isaac, Abigail, Claire, Jordan, Jessie, Emma, Josephine, Isabella, Andrea and ? and Heather. It was great!


Peter Fraser CIM, FCSI, CFP, RFP

Investment Advisor

Manulife Securities Incorporated