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The Joy of being Grandma Thumbnail

The Joy of being Grandma

It’s a girl!  Oh how my heart leapt that day my first granddaughter was born! In that instant I became Grandma!  I was blessed with 3 wonderful sons -  what fun we had in those early years.  I got to ‘know’boys well and what made them ‘tick’.  But I didn’t know the world of little girls.  We have now been blessed with 3 beautiful little granddaughters, and it sure is fun in a whole new way.  They see the world through pink and purple!

Especially wonderful is watching my son parent these beauties.  He is patient and loving and firm.  That brings me a lot of joy as well as the delight of being with them without their parents around.  Those are the best times!  It’s like getting let out of school early. 

I thought I was ‘present’ with my sons and delighted in their accomplishments and encouraged them as they ‘found themselves’ through trials and errors.  However, as a grandparent, I find that I relish the small and insignificant things that bring them happiness and success.  I sure want these little girls to grow up confident and secure, not sweating the small stuff.  Life gets busy and complicated too soon so, as we like to tell them, don’t grow up too fast.  Enjoy the moment and let them stay little, for just awhile longer.

It’s a privilege and a blessing, being a grandparent, it’s a bit like Christmas each time I see them, I get to unwrap a little bit more of the person they are becoming. And what fun Christmas will be this year!

I will finish with one of my favourite activities – baking – which I get to share with the little ones.

Maple Oat Scones are a favourite – enjoy!


Heather Fraser

Executive Assistant

Manulife Securities Incorporated