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Why Plan at All? Thumbnail

Why Plan at All?

Is one approach to the future.

The future of course, is coming whether you plan for it or not.

And while we can’t cover every contingency, will you have the financial future you want? Or the future that just happens by default?

In a bygone era, ‘financial services’ often just meant buying products.

In different silos, from diverse salespeople, many of us collected:

  • Investments (RSPs, TFSAs, RIFs RESPs etc.)
  • Home and Auto Insurance
  • Life, disability, critical and long term care insurance
  • Group benefits
  • Wills, PoAs for health and property

It’s a disparate collection that sometimes looks more like your freezer of different food items or your garage full of various implements, than your collection of financial choices that align to your core values and goals. Are they all still needed?

We think there’s a Better Way. A planning relationship that is a lot more about process than it is about products. Why not think about what’s important to you and begin to align your financial choices with the great future you’d like; and doing what it takes to have it?

No one can just go run a marathon without training, and your financial future should be no different.  Every successful outcome has sound strategy and preparation behind it.

Creating your financial future should be no different.

Have you thought about your life with a financial plan based on what really matters and is important to you? A blueprint where your investments and insurance, banking and tax planning all work harmoniously together to achieve those goals?

That’s probably quite different from what most people have: a mixed bag of financial ideas and products, acquired haphazardly over many year from an variety of salespeople and companies.

It’s never too late. Now is the second-best time to start!


Peter B Fraser CFP, RFP, CIM, FCSI

Certified Financial Planner

Associate Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

Manulife Securities Incorporated