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Unified Storyline

Under your guidance we succeeded in creating a unified storyline for our previously disconnected investments and planning tools, aligning them with our financial and personal objectives. This took quite a lot of effort and time on all of our parts. It was critical that you kept us moving, encouraging us with relevant feedback, while allowing us to take baby steps without feeling pressure to get the project done.  I appreciated that you were open to my many questions as I tried to understand the “foreign language” of investment and the creative new options you recommended for our benefit. Your policy that the plan is to be reviewed regularly, that nothing is fixed forever, has added significantly to our comfort level with the work. 

 Personal Recommendation:

Whether during COVID or not, I think that there are many people of all stages of life who do not connect their various planning documents or who are unaware of the opportunities available and would benefit from your approach of considering them as a unified package contributing to their goals.  COVID means that retired people like us have time now and would be up for the mental challenge.