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Webinar:  Legacy Planning for grandparents Thumbnail

Webinar: Legacy Planning for grandparents

I am hosting a webinar presentation specifically for grandparents. Please consider joining me for a one-hour webinar and Q&A.

 Legacy Planning with Jason Traynor, Desjardins Insurance

Tuesday April 27th 7:00 pm


It is possible to use a little sliver of your current wealth, to ensure that it lasts through multiple generations, not just the next one. If you have a desire to leave even a modest financial legacy that endures, this presentation might be of interest to you. Learn how your hard-earned financial resources could be grown and transferred more efficiently. These ideas will help to grow money and move money into subsequent generations, tax free.


Jason Traynor is a friend and colleague, and the Regional Sales Director for Desjardins Insurance. Jason is going to present terrific insight into how grandparents can ‘leave your mark’ on younger generations. I think you’ll find his ideas helpful and provocative.


Please register here and feel free to extend the invitation to others whom you think might be interested. 


Thank you.


Peter B Fraser CFP® CIM®

Financial Planner

Associate Portfolio Manager