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Peter B Fraser CFP® CIM®

Independent financial advisor and Life Insurance Advisor, at cardinal planning

Peter’s area of specialty is creating a plan for clients that helps keep your wealth.  It covers Money for Life, Death Taxes and Family Meetings.   He firmly believes that doing nothing or having no plan doesn’t turn out so well for people. Keep Your Wealth Plan determines how much money you have to live well to age 100, stress tests your portfolio, determines your death taxes and helps you prepare for a Family Meeting and really talk with the next generation about succession and the legacy you wish to leave. 

Peter is a Financial Planner and has completed the CFP designation and Associate Portfolio Manager with over 30 years experience. With a focus on financial and estate planning, Peter has helped clients understand and realize their goals, while bringing peace of mind.   He takes the time to truly know what you are looking to accomplish and builds your plan to achieve those goals. 

Over the course of his career, Peter has focused on building meaningful solid relationships with clients and serve them over the span of many life stages. He values and enjoys the trust he has received over the years.  He understands planning for possible long term care costs and caring for elderly parents having had two that utilized the healthcare system widely.  

Peter and his wife Heather are the parents of three grown and married sons and enjoy their three granddaughters in town and one granddaughter in the UK.  They enjoy a healthy lifestyle and walking every day. 

Peter invites you to find out more about starting some peace of mind with Keep Your Wealth Plan.