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Keep Your Wealth Plan

Keep Your Wealth Plan

Without the RIGHT plan, people can unintentionally fall short of life-long, stable income and lose nearly 50% of their life's work to taxes.  The best peace of mind comes from having a great plan in place. 

I am a financial planner and creator of Keep Your Wealth Plan :  Your Family Story.  It's the unique financial plan I have built.

The process creates the best comprehensive plan to keep your wealth, while you live and after you are gone, to give you peace of mind today and for tomorrow.

Keep Your Wealth Plan addresses three critical priorities:

  1. Money for Life:  I will test, to formulate and assure stable, safe lifetime income including the possibility of care costs.  I will test for rates of return that take inflation in to account.  I blend careful proprietary portfolio management, guaranteed income-producing solutions and help you off-load income risk to the government. I will help you answer the question:  am I going to be OK?
  2. Your Death Taxes:  I test for the critical liabilities your wealth will attract at death.  You will know your overall net worth in detail and the expected erosion of your wealth, to the dollar.  I will work with you to help mitigate and eliminate those risks. I will determine your death taxes - what you would owe today and if you live well to age 100. I will build an improved plan to help lower your taxes now and in the future and help keep more of your family's wealth. 
  3. Family Succession:  The final part is to leave a legacy of preparation and protection and healthy inter-generational communication for your heirs and beneficiaries.  Ensure family peace, along with protecting the enduring impact of your family's wealth.  I will help you establish success for the many generations of your family's story: a true legacy that will not be forgotten.