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Real Case Study #2: Sarah and David’s Story Thumbnail

Real Case Study #2: Sarah and David’s Story

When we first met David and Sarah, the first thing that struck us was how articulate they were about what was important to them.

While they were passionate about several milestones they wanted to accomplish, two things really stuck out:

  • Ensuring retirement income that didn’t result in them dying alone, having run out of money, in a nursing home.
  • Financially helping their five young grandchildren to go to private high schools and university.

We helped construct a really good game plan that also helped accomplish their travel and charitable-helps goals.

By assembling all their assets to work together in concert towards their very clear priorities, enumerating what kinds of additional contributions would be required and monitoring their presence every year, David and Sarah’s Plan is not only working. It’s succeeding very nicely.

Incidentally, because their Plan indicated that David needed more life insurance, an unexpected development was the discovery in that evaluation that he was Type 2 diabetic. This turned out to be a pivotal catalyst for David. He worked with his doctor and family to lose weight, learn to eat much better and set himself up for great health. At the time of writing this, he had lost 20 lbs just because of the lifestyle changes he’d made to reverse the impact of what was discovered because of his Financial Plan.

David and Sarah’s Plan is on a good path. They know that what’s important to them is being accomplished because of their hard work dedicated to a clearly defined Plan.

Peter Fraser

Certified Financial Planner